So what have we been up to?

So what have we been up to?

Welcome From ArtifexNY!

So what do you do when a pandemic hits? You open a business of course! When our designer received a circuit for her birthday, we got started! Veteran owned and operated, we have a background in sign design and vinyl work as well as staff on hand for wood working, multiple-style media using paper, vinyl and substrates and other materials. Don’t see something you would like? Please ask!

Our first “paying customer” needed placards for his farming and meat business. Previously he was using 3×5″ index cards, which as you can imagine do not last long! So, we created placards for him and the business was born! To the left you can see our first placard example. 3×5″ plastic substrate (think the same material used for realtor signs), with permanent 7 year vinyl applied for his specific needs, in this example “Chuck Eye Steak.” The initial order was for 300 placards!

If you’d like to order this particular item, visit our etsy store or drop us a line at the “contact us” link at the top of the page! And thanks again for visiting!



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